Rob Fryer's 2000 Wild Swims

Rob Fryer's Wild Swimming Guide

Rob Fryer

The book for traditional sites in rivers and lakes. It now comprises 350 pages of double column A4, with 1600 wild swimming sites spread over the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and many other popular holiday destination countries. Includes Ratings, Grid Refs, Postcodes, Maps, Disabled Access, 16 page index.

This massive work is the culmination of 13 years’ research. With over 650 sites in the UK alone, it contains more information on river and lake wild swimming venues than any other known publication.

As chair of England’s only river swimming club (Farleigh) and of the River and Lake Swimming Association, Rob has appeared frequently on tv. Inspired by Roger Deakin’s “Waterlog”, and encouraged by him, Rob then started work. Of necessity it is in directory format, with a 16 page index, but Rob has added colourful splashes of anecdotes and social history in his inimitable quirky style. He has sought out traditional names and words. (What exactly is a goyle?)

The vast majority of UK locations, have been visited and rated by Rob, so you know exactly what to expect. The book is liberally illustrated throughout. The additional two chapters on wild skating contain practical detail as well as recent and early history. (How were skating staves used?) Whether you are a committed wild swimmer or simply a parent looking for somewhere to take the kids, this is the guide for you.

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